Workshops & Student Group Exhibition

Demystifying Networking

Time: November 8th, 3:00 — 4:00 

Location: Duderstadt Basement

Do you avoid networking because it seems awkward and inauthentic? Are you frustrated because it seems to come naturally to other people, but not to you? During this session we will reframe networking, explain the skills associated with it, and give you strategies for effective networking that come from the scholarship on positive communication. You will also have the opportunity to practice these strategies with your peers during the workshop. 

Student Group Exhibition/Showcase

M-STARX is the first multidisciplinary exoskeleton design team at the University of Michigan. We aim to engineer a practical strength-augmenting exoskeleton and push forward exoskeleton technology by releasing our designs to the public.

Working on our team are over 50 talented engineering students from diverse fields, including Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and many more. Together, we strive to develop professional engineering design skill sets and teamwork.

Solar Car Team

Our team is an entirely student-run organization that designs, builds and races world-class solar vehicles. We compete at both the National and International level, and since our establishment in 1989, we have built 14 vehicles. We have won the American Solar Challenge nine times, had 7 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge podium finishes, and won our first international championship in the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. In 2019, we finished 3rd in the world at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! We look forward to building on the team’s legacy this July as we race to reclaim the national title!

Michigan Electric Racing

Michigan Electric Racing is a student team at the University of Michigan whose mission is to design, build, test, and finance a high-performance, all-electric race car. The team competes at Formula SAE competitions against other teams from all over the world. This intense design and build project allows students to engage in real-world engineering, and challenges them beyond a classroom education.