Scientific Visualization

The Engineering Research Symposium is excited to bring back the Scientific Visualization Competition for Fall 2021 on November 19th, 2021! 

The Scientific Visualization Competition is a part of the Additional Sessions portion of the Engineering Research Symposium. The competition focuses on the ability to use illustrations or animations in order to effectively communicate data and information to viewers. The goals for this competition are to create an opportunity for all students of the College of Engineering to find a new way of representing their data in a more effective manner. This competition allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of their data and the important scientific impact that scientific visualization provides. This competition will occur before the Engineering Research Symposium and decisions will be released on the day of the symposium. All students (undergraduate students, graduate students, etc.) associated with the College of Engineering are invited to participate in the Scientific Visualization competition! 

The guidelines for an illustration or animation are the following:

  1. If the submissions is a movie file the maximum length of the video must not exceed 2 minutes and 1 GB for the file size
  2. The illustration or animation should be appropriately labeled and detailed based on the data it is communicating 
  3. The illustration should be clear and understandable when presented

It is recommended that illustrations and animations should have the following:

  1. Legends for graphs or plots
  2. Labels for models of structures or simulations
  3. Brief descriptions underneath illustrations or animations providing further detail into the data being communicated
  4. Clearly shows a level of expertise and deep understanding of the data being presented 
  5. Creative medium for presenting that data while still being effective in clearly communicating the impact or scientific story the data shows

In addition, abstracts must be submitted for the Scientific Visualization competition. The abstract will have a maximum word count of 250 words. An eligible abstract must include:

  1. A brief description of the data being used and visualized
  2. A brief description of the visualization method being utilized
  3. Explanation of the reasoning behind the visualization method

If your visualization is among the best submitted, it may be displayed on the day of the Engineering Research Symposium. Submission implies consent to display your visualization. Winners will be announced on the day of the event.

Abstracts and proposals may be submitted together by October 28th, 2021.

Submit an abstract here.

View the abstract template here.