2016 Engineering Graduate Symposium Winners

Richard and Eleanor Towner Session (Alphabetically ordered):

Yu-Heng Cheng (ECE)
Yue Shao (ME)
Emily Speakman (IOE)

Towner honorable mentions:

Jared Ferguson (AP)
Mary Morris (CLASP)

(AEP) Applied Electromagnetics and Plasma Science:

1st- Mohammad Mousavi
2nd- Armin Jam
3rd- Fatemeh Akbar
4th- Shurun Tan

(ATE) Automotive and Transportation Engineering:

1st- Taemin Kim

(CDR) Control, Dynamics, and Robotics:

1st- Emma Treadway

(CEE) Civil & Environmental Engineering:

1st- Jason Martinez
2nd- Byungjoo Choi
3rd- Arthriya Suksuwan
4th- Tom Logan

(CPH) Chemical Physics:

1st- Soroush Moghadam
2nd- Shannon Moran

(CSS) Climate and Space Sciences:
1st- Elizabeth Agee

(EBS) Engineering in Biological Systems:

1st- Grace Bushnell
2nd- Margaret Fish
3rd- Caymen Novak

(FAT) Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Thermal Science:

1st- Ryan Klock
2nd- Mohammad Alzuabi

(IOF) Industrial, Operations, and Financial Engineering:

1st- Pooya Alavian
2nd- Victor Wu
3rd (tie)- Thomas Chen
3rd (tie)- Brian Lemay

(IVM) Integrated Circuits, VLSI and Microsystems:

1st- Christopher Boyd
2nd- Tal Nagourney

(MDM) Multidisciplinary Design, Manufacturing, and Mechatronics:

1st- John Jasa
2nd- Ying Luo

(MSE) Materials Science and Engineering:

1st- Kenneth Cheng
2nd- Ramya Kumar
3rd- Rose Cersonsky
4th- Naomi Ramesar
5th- Christina Jones
6th- Jacob Adams

(MTR) Medicine and Translational Research:

1st- Quan Zhou
2nd- Zhixiong Zhang

(NRS) Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences:

1st- Juliusz Kruszelnicki

(OPS) Optics, Photonics, and Solid-State Devices:

1st- Youngbae Son
2nd- Arnab Hazari
3rd- Justin Easley

(PEN) Power and Energy:

1st- Jonas Kersulis
2nd- Bin Wu
3rd- Bhuvan Neema

(SCE) Systems and Communication Engineering:

1st- Mohammad Rasouli
2nd- Mehrdad Moharrami

(SIC) Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision:

1st- David Hong
2nd- Lianli Liu

(TCB) Tissue, Cellular, and Biomolecular Engineering:

1st- Emine Turali-Emre
2nd- William Wang