2015 Engineering Graduate Symposium Winners

Arbor Networks Ph.D. Research Impact and Lecture Award

Dr. Jay Whitacre

Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research Award

Azadeh Ansari (ECE)

Kayse Maass (IOE)

Cheng Zhang (ECE)

ACS: Atmospheric and Climate Science 

David Austerberry, 1st

AEP: Applied Electromagnetics and Plasma Science

Brian Tierney, 1st

Nikolaos Chiotellis, 2nd

ATE: Automotive and Transportation Engineering 

Zeng Qiu, 1st (tie)

Gaurav Kumar Singh, 1st (tie)

CDR: Control, Dynamics and Robotics

Erik Miehling, 1st

Justin Storms, 2nd (tie)

Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy, 2nd (tie)

CEE: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Meiyin Liu, 1st (tie)

Yuxi Zhang, 1st (tie)

CPH: Chemical Physics

Yoonseob Kim, 1st

EBS: Engineering in Biological Systems

Omer Aydin, 1st

Olivia Palmer, 2nd

FAT: Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Thermal Science

Pinaki Pal, 1st

Brian Worthmann, 2nd

IOF: Industrial, Operations, and Financial Engineering

Emily Speakman, 1st

Brian Lemay, 2nd

IVM: Integrated Circuits, VLSI and Microsystems

Adam Peczalski, 1st

MDM: Multidisciplinary Design, Manufacturing, and Mechatronics

David Burdette, 1st

MSE: Material Science and Engineering

Ji-Young Kim, 1st (tie)

Apoorv Shanker, 1st (tie)

MTR: Medicine and Translational Research

Komal Kampasi, 1st

Nathan Jones, 2nd (tie)

Sophia Pilipchuk, 2nd (tie)

NRS: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Amanda Lietz, 1st

OPS: Optics, Photonics, and Solid-State Devices

Lin Chen, 1st (tie)

Jaesang Lee, 1st (tie)

Alan Teran, 1st (tie)

PEN: Power and Energy

Michael Fisher, 1st (tie)

Jonathon Martin, 1st (tie)

SCE: Systems and Communications

Farhad Shirani, 1st

SEC: Software Engineering and Computer Science

Abhishek Bafna, 1st

SIC: Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision

Brian Moore, 1st

Kevin Moon, 2nd (tie)

Matthew Prelee, 2nd (tie)

SPS: Space and Planetary Sciences 

Ryan Dewey, 1st (tie)

Aleida Higginson, 1st (tie)

TCB: Tissue, Cellular, and Biomolecular Engineering

Tianhui Ma, 1st