2014 Engineering Graduate Symposium Winners

Arbor Networks Ph.D. Research Impact and Lecture Award

Dr. Scott Hanson (EE Alumnus)

Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research Award

Alexis Kaplan (NERS)

Eli Vlaisavljevich (BME)

Xiangyun Zhang (AOSS)

ACS: Atmospheric and Climate Science 
Juan Crespo, 1st

AEP: Applied Electromagnetics and Plasma Science

Kapil Sawlani, 1st

Fatemah Akbar, 2nd

APS: Applied Physics, Photonics, and Solid-State Devices

Chu-Hsiang Teng, 1st

Md Zunaid Baten, 2nd

Vahid Rashidi, 3rd

ATE: Automotive and Transportation Engineering 

Byung-joo Kim, 1st

CEN: Civil Engineering

Jonathan Hubler, 1st (tie)

JoonOh Seo, 1st (tie)

Qian Zhang, 1st (tie)

CRM: Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics

Jiechao Liu, 1st

Maruthi Ravichandran, 2nd

DEM: Design and Manufacturing

Tanaz Rahimzadeh, 1st

EBS: Engineering in Biological Systems

Sibu Kuruvilla, 1st

Daniel Egert, 2nd

FAT: Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Thermal Science

Darian Bridges, 1st (tie)

Tyler Lung, 1st (tie)

IOF: Industrial, Operations, and Financial Engineering

Jeremy Castaing, 1st

Christine Barnett, 2nd

IVM: Integrated Circuits, VLSI and Microsystems

Azadeh Ansari, 1st

Yemin Tang, 2nd

MCT: Material and Chemical Technology

Kevin Golovin, 1st (tie)

Ramya Kumar, 1st (tie)

Ali Salehi, 1st (tie)

Erin Teich, 1st (tie)

MTR: Medicine and Translational Research

Sahar Rahmani, 1st

NRS: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

Timothy Burke, 1st 

Jeremy Fein, 2nd

PEN: Power and Energy

Jonas Kersulis, 1st

Erik Mihling, 2nd

SCE: Systems and Communications

Mohammad Rasouli, 1st (tie)

Xiang Yin, 1st (tie)

SEN: Sustainable Energy

Abdoulaye Djire, 1st

SIP: Signal and Image Processing

Duc Le, 1st (tie)

Joel LeBlanc, 1st (tie)

Xie Tianpei, 1st (tie)

Brian Worthmann, 1st (tie) 

SPS: Space and Planetary Sciences 

Patrick Tracy, 1st

Micah Weberg, 2nd