2021 Fall Engineering Research Symposium Winners

Watch this video for the welcome remarks and keynote speaker address featuring Professor Tamas Gombosi.

Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. Research Awardees:
Robert Graham (BME)
Claire Tomaszewsk (BME)
Yi Zhu (CEE)
Honorable Mentions: Nazanin Farjam (ME), Lauren Finney (NERS), Michael Gonzalez (Rob), Zhe Ashley Jian (ECE), Kathryn Langenfeld (CEE)

Advanced Session Awardees
1st Place: Dukhan Kim (Macro)
2nd Place: Paul Chao (MSE)
3rd Place: Everardo Olide (AP) 
Honorable Mentions: Kanat Anurakparadorn (Macro), Cailin Buchanan (ChE)

Emerging Session Awardees
1st Place: Catherine Haslam (MSE)
2nd Place: Shih-Chi Liao (ECE)
3rd Place: Bhavya Sekhani (ECE) 
Honorable Mentions: Kamal Rudra (ECE), Michael Saunders (BME)

Undergraduate Session Awardees
1st Place: Thomas Cohn (CSE)
2nd Place: Darcy Huang (BME)
3rd Place: Arianna Wu (MSE)
Honorable Mentions: Jason Manassa (BME), Sandilya Sai Garimella (ME), Hao Wang (Rob)

Research Proposal Awardees
1st Place: Jessica Ma (ChE)
Honorable Mentions: Tamara Nelson-Fromm (CSE), Jiawei Chen (Rob)

1st Place: Malini Mukherji (ChE)
Honorable Mentions: Chloe Markey (BME), Kevin Wang (CSE)

Scientific Visualization Awardees
1st Place: Paul Chao (MSE)
Honorable Mentions: Shannon Danforth (ME)